Multiaxis Servo Drive MSD 510

Multiaxis Servo Drive MSD 510

VLT® Multiaxis Servo Drive MSD 510 The MSD 510 system is a generic central servo solution and forms the basis of the VLT® FlexMotion™ concept.

Its flexibility and modularity in hardware and software gives you the freedom to design machines according to the application needs.

Specifications Nominal input voltage 3 ~ 400-480 V AC +/-10% Mains frequency 50 / 60 Hz DC-link voltage 565-680 V DC +/-10% Control voltage 24 / 48 V DC +/-10% Ambient temperature 5-40 °C, max 55 °C with derating [41-104 °F, max 131 °F with derating] Fieldbus PROFINET®, POWERLINK®, EtherCAT® IP protection class IP20 Modular construction with 2 enclosure sizes FS1 50 mm [1.97 inch] or FS2 100 mm [3.94 inch] Mounting Wall-mounting on backplate – click & lock EMC according 61800-3 C3, C2 with external filter Certificates/Approvals CE, UL Functional safety STO SIL 2 Pl d

The MSD 510 system comprises these modules:

  • VLT® Power Supply Module PSM 510
  • VLT® Servo Drive Module SDM 511 for single axis and SDM 512 for double axis
  • VLT® Decentral Access Modules DAM 510
  • VLT® Auxiliary Capacitor Module ACM 510
  • VLT® Expansion Module EXM 510 To optimize the space requirements, some of the modules are available in two enclosure sizes, either 50 mm [1.97 inch] or 100 mm [3.94 inch] wide. Enjoy easy mounting and fail-safe installation thanks to a unique Click and Lock concept where DC-link and control voltage supply are integrated in the backplate of each module. Depending on the machine architecture, you can use the MSD 510 as a stand-alone central concept or in a mixed system together with the VLT® Integrated Servo Drive ISD® 510 and VLT® Decentral Servo Drive DSD 510. Extensions or adjustments to the machine are easy to implement – just add or swap modules accordingly.
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